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Welcome to Cosmopolis World !

With more than 3000 members, Cosmopolis world is a social network who gathers international minded people to connect & make friends over drinks & activities in Paris.

  • We’re an international club to connect & make friends
  • Want to make new in Paris : just come and let us do the rest !
  • 3000 members, 50 events, 30 venues within the last year…. and the best to come !

Who are we ?

Cosmopolis World is an open Club for people who want to meet new people in Paris. If you’re new to Paris, or native and seeking fun, adventure, simply join us !


New in Paris ?

Most of our participants come by their own. It is our role to introduce you to other people !

If you’re a little shy, which is normal if you’re not used to networking, just come talk to the organizers we’re used to make everyone feel relaxed : just come and we’ll do the rest ! 
Thinking about cool friends you’d like to bring ? They’re most welcome !!!


3000 members and counting !


We’re a big community of open minded people. We gather between 35 and 70 people at each of our event.

Be part of our growing community is being part of a new concept of a Cosmopolis World ;)

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We organize a large choice of events

photo 2 Our mission is to gather people and help them connect with each other through fun and varied activities : after works, wine tasting, cooking courses, picnics, exhibition gatherings (scientific, cultural, artistic…) and more !


Expand your social circle

Our events are a great way to expand your social circle !
You can meet people with very different and extremely rich backgrounds: lawyers, artists, CEOs, journalists, models, researchers…
All the members of our club have an international background and a common ground: open-mindedness, experience, and a lot of travelling around the globe. French people are most welcome to add their special French touch ;)


Learn/Speak other languages

highres_269355802 Who wants to sit in a cold classroom after a long day at work to learn French?
Why not transform this traumatizing experience into a fun and rich one thanks to Cosmopolis World ?
There is no better way to learn French than going out and meeting with French people.
Want to practice English while enjoying yourself ? Our club is undoubtedly the best place for you !


Meet other cultures

People participating in our events are from everywhere in the world: Shanghai, New-York, Lima, Copenhagen, Tokyo, even Paris, etc. Coming to one of our events, is like travelling and discovering many different countries in one night !

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Discover new places in Paris

Paris is an huge city with more than 10 000 bars. We bring people to the most interesting places in Paris and we privatise most of the venues for our events.



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